Do you know exactly about periosteum graft?


Long-term tooth loss that causes the jaw bone to be destroyed requires a lot of factors to restore, in which the solution of periosteal graft in dental implants is interesting and encouraged by many doctors. Periosteum graft in dental implants is a technique to support bone grafting to help fix and maintain the jawbone area that has just been operated on. So what is a periosteum graft? Does every implant case need a periosteal implant? Let’s find out with Ava Dental Clinic!

What is a periosteum graft?

Periosteum graft is a technique used in dental implants after the dental bone graft process is done. The periosteum is an artificial biofilm extracted mainly from collagen helping to penetrate, anti-inflammatory and heal wounds quickly. The doctor will use a piece of artificial periosteum implanted directly into the soft tissue at the bone grafting site to increase the thickness and make the bone stronger.

Who is a good candidate for a periosteum graft?

Periosteum graft is not a mandatory technique, it is only applied to patients who are not eligible for dental implants. 

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Specifically, cases that need a periosteum graft:

– For patients who have lost their teeth for a long time, the jawbone is much deficient leading to receding gums, sunken cheeks.

– The jawbone is injured by external forces, causing the gum size to be thin and uneven.

– The jawbone is too thin.

– Due to congenital factors, the gums are thinner and narrower than normal.

– Bones loss-making tissues, gums, jaw bones do not guarantee the thickness, height and width of dental implants.

Types of periosteum graft

– Resorbable periosteum is a 3-dimensional artificial biofilm, designed to support tissue guidance and bone regeneration. The resorbable periosteum is mainly extracted from collagen (more than 95%), raw and mushy.

The resorbable periosteum has a self-destruction time of about 2-3 months, similar to the natural recovery and regeneration time, supporting the integration process between the screw and the jawbone.

– Non-resorbable periosteum is membranes such as Cellulose, PTFE membrane, and Titanium mesh,… creating a strong and stable framework for the grafted area, resisting pressure from the outside.

However, the limitation of non-resorbable membranes is that one more surgery is required to remove the membrane after bone regeneration. Therefore, the doctor will often use the resorbable periosteum.

How does a sinus lift procedure do?

Periosteum graft procedure

There are 3 phases of a sinus lift procedure:

What happens before a periosteum graft procedure?

– Do not smoke and use stimulants: alcohol, beer,… before the bone grafting for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

– Oral diseases such as tooth decay, periodontitis, and gingivitis,… need to be treated completely before dental implants.

– Dentist examines the patient’s general condition, takes X-rays to check the extent of defects and has a specific plan for periosteal transplantation.

How does a periosteum graft work?

– Before performing the surgery, the dentist will disinfect, numb the area, and local anesthetize (if necessary).

– Dentist makes a mucosal flap with 3 incisions: One incision along the mucosal part of the vertebral column (area of ​​tooth loss), 2 vertical incisions, going from the 2 ends of the upper incision towards the vestibular niche.

Use a suitable dissection instrument to dissect the periosteal mucosa exposing the surgical site and make an incision for decompression.

Then, the dentist will use a suitable drill to drill through the cortex.

– Proceed to mix the bone powder with the patient’s blood or physiological saline and use that bone powder to put on the face of the jawbone. Then, the periosteum will be placed to cover the bone meal and fix the membrane.

– Finally, the dentist will perform a suture to close the mucosal flap for the patient.

What happens after a periosteum graft procedure?

– Depending on the individual, after surgery, patients may experience some symptoms such as:

+ Bleeding after surgery: This is normal and will stop automatically after 30 minutes.

+ Swelling: The patient will be instructed to apply an ice pack to the cheek area, and take pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs as prescribed by your doctor to reduce swelling.

+ Body temperature may increase slightly, up to about 38 degrees.

– Do not touch the bone graft site with anything (including the tongue), because it will cause bleeding, infection or slow healing.

– Clean your teeth according to the doctor’s instructions.

– Only eat soft foods such as soups, porridges and do not eat foods that are too hot, too cold or too tough, affecting the incision.

– Do not use tobacco, for at least 2 months.

– If the surgical site shows signs of swelling, pain, bleeding or pus,… the patient should immediately go to a medical facility to be examined and promptly handled.

Benefits periosteum graft

– The periosteum is like a barrier, preventing fibroblasts from invading the bone tissue and affecting the newly transplanted bone.

– The periosteum helps to form the skeleton and fix the grafted jaw bone, filling the parenchyma when implanting dental implants.

– The periosteum has the effect of helping to stop bleeding quickly, with high absorption capacity. The wound will be easily cleaned to avoid the risk of infection and necrosis.

– The periosteum is composed of collagen – a protein containing connective tissues that promote the formation of granulation tissue fights harmful bacteria and stimulates the regeneration of new tissues during the recovery period, making wounds heal quickly.

– The periosteum protects the soft-walled areas, areas that are difficult to get on young skin, and rough sutures.

Periosteum graft service at Ava Beauty Dental Clinic

Periosteum graft is a very necessary solution for cases where bone graft is required. In order to accurately determine the amount of bone needed in accordance with each case as well as select the appropriate periosteum, it is necessary to carefully examine it with modern machinery and equipment.

At Ava Dental Clinic, over 5 years of professional experience with a team of highly skilled doctors, combined with the most modern machine technology, will help the process of implanting periosteum in implants quickly and safely.

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How much does a periosteum graft cost?

The cost of a periosteum graft in dental implants at Ava Dental Clinic will have a cost of $170 / unit.

To know if you need a periosteum graft or not, you need to go to the clinic to be examined and consulted by a doctor. A good dentist will assure you of implant technical standards, experienced doctors, safe materials, and clear origin. 

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