Introduction about Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch


Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch is one of six prestigious and high-quality dental clinics in the Ava Dental Clinic system. This is not only an address trusted by many domestic and international customers, but also highly appreciated by experts for its professionalism. Taking customer satisfaction as a goal, Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch is constantly striving and growing.

1. Teams of Dentists

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of Odonto-Stomatology, the medical team at Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch has been bringing happy smiles to thousands of customers across the country, including foreign customers.

With the specificity of the dental industry, the role of the doctor almost determines 90% of the treatment results. Our team of dentists always reminds our colleagues and staff to always uphold ethics and wholeheartedly take care of patients.

All patients who come to Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch feel the dedication of the dentist from consultation, examination, and surgery to dental care after treatment. All are done carefully, meticulously and professionally by the doctor.

For doctors of Ava Dental Clinic, their happiness is seeing their customers smile confidently and happily and that is also the motivation for us to continue our dedication. All of our dentists are constantly learning, cultivating knowledge, and understanding each patient’s heart to be able to provide the best services.

Having a comprehensive, intuitive and delicate view of the patient’s teeth to match the overall face, skin color, age, gender as well as personality traits of the patient is not easy. It takes a doctor with cosmetic surgery, experience and expertise to create a beautiful smile. This is both the point of view and the goal of the dentist at Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch to learn and bring the happiest smiles to customers.

2. Dental Services

Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch has a team of experienced doctors, in charge of each separate service segment, specializing in performing difficult cases that require experience, expertise and high technology to bring effective treatment value for customers.

Dental Implants

Dental Crown

Dental Veneers

Dental Bone Graft

Sinus Lift

Periosteum Graft

In addition to the above outstanding services, Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch also provides periodic oral health care services, removable dentures,… We will always strive every day in the process of upgrading. service quality range to bring customers the best experience.

Dental Implants Procedure Review
Dental Crown Procedure Review
Dental Veneers Procedure Review

3. Modern Technology System

Ava Dental Clinic has always been a pioneer in investing in equipment and machinery according to the standards of the Ministry of Health and international standards, in order to bring optimal results, and outstanding aesthetics and ensures safety for customers during treatment. Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch brings you dedication, prestige, along with high technology and absolute quality, with modern equipment:

– X-ray room: Digital X-ray shows fast, high-quality, accurate results, low X-ray volume, and does not affect patients and doctors.

– Treatment room: The treatment rooms are equipped with modern and synchronous equipment, creating a comfortable feeling for patients and doctors.

– Diagnostic endoscopic room: The doctor and the patient together observe the endoscopic image, making definite diagnoses, indications and the best treatment plan for the patient.

– Aseptic room: Always ensure the aseptic process according to National and International standards, strictly follow the aseptic factor to ensure safety and avoid cross-infection and complications.

– CT Scan film room with the 3D Rebuild Smile scanner shows the treatment results in advance and tracks the progress of the restoration accurately. Scanning the entire jaw in just a few minutes, early detection of dental diseases, helping to store 3D records, and at the same time applying the “digitized smile” algorithm to optimize the quick and effective treatment plan.

– The most modern Cone Beam film camera system, has less ray retention, and 15-20 times lower radiation than conventional X-ray and CT scanners. With superior 3D images, it helps to analyze the jaw bone structure accurately. Does not cause pain, does not cause discomfort, and does not keep radiation in the body after the scan like traditional film equipment.

– Apical endodontic treatment machine: Endodontic device with apex positioning is an active support device in endodontic treatment. Compared with the traditional file treatment method, using an endodontic treatment machine helps to speed up the treatment process.

services-da nang-branch
Dental Technology

Following the outstanding advantages of prestige, quality, safety, and high efficiency in dental treatment and aesthetics, we will launch more new and advanced equipment systems to be able to serve more effectively examination and treatment, helping every customer quickly have beautiful, healthy teeth and a charming smile.

4. Geographical location

Choosing to set up a clinic in Da Nang – one of the major tourist cities in Vietnam is not a random choice. The reason is that Da Nang is a densely populated city, so the demand for dental services is relatively high. Accompanying that is the number of tourists settling or traveling in Da Nang is quite large. 

Specifically, the location of Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch is 105 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang. It is known that this is the central location of the city, a densely populated place with a traffic density that is not too narrow, which is convenient for our customers when searching and visiting.

5. Treatment motto

With the motto of providing the best quality of dental services, Ava Dental Clinic always learns about advanced treatment methods in the world, in order to bring good quality of medical examination and treatment to the community.

We also constantly strive, change and recognize the comments of customers to develop better and better, worthy of the trust and expectations of customers.

Our dental practice is not only aimed at safe and professional medical examination and treatment, but also wants customers to have the opportunity to experience the most friendly and comfortable service.

With a variety of dental services and a team of experienced specialists, Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch is gradually becoming the first choice for every customer.

Contact Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch on hotline 0379 883 889 or fill out your personal information in the appointment online form to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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