Introduction about Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch


In the context of social development, the demand for quality of life is increasing and people are more and more aware of health and beauty issues. “Teeth and headhair are the human figures” – a saying from ancient times but until now still has a certain value in modern society. Ava Dental Clinic was born there. Our goal is to bring comprehensive dental care services to Vietnamese people and international friends.

Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch is one of the six branches of Ava Dental Clinic, the place to start for bright smiles. This is the second city that Ava Dental Clinic aims to, after achieving much success in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Mission – Vision – Core Values


Because a smile is indispensable for a more fulfilling life every day. Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, you deserve to have a healthy and radiant smile. Ava Dental Clinic, Hanoi Branch wishes to make that happen. We carry the mission to create perfection in each smile so that your smile will be the most beautiful, most natural in happiest moment.


Every satisfied smile of a customer when stepping out of the door of Ava Dental Clinic, Hanoi Branch will be the driving force for us to constantly strive and develop. We aim to become the leading dental clinic in Vietnam with international quality. Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch will be a reliable address for dental treatment, care and aesthetics thanks to the quality and value we bring in each service.

Core Values

Smile is the core to creating prestige, success and customer satisfaction when using services at Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch.

2. Dental Services

Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch has a team of experienced doctors, in charge of each separate service segment, specializing in performing difficult cases that require experience, expertise and high technology to bring effective treatment. value for customers.

Dental Implants

Dental Crown

Dental Veneers

Dental Bone Graft

Sinus Lift

Periosteum Graft

Dental Implants Procedure Review
Dental Crown Procedure Review
Dental Veneers Procedure Review

3. Team of Dentists

In addition to good service quality, one of the important factors that make Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch receive the trust and support of customers is thanks to a team of “quality” doctors with more than 20 years in the profession, and have high professional knowledge. Not only have many years of experience in the profession, the medical team at Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch also regularly updates their modern professional knowledge, and applies advanced dental achievements into practice to treat treatment, bringing comfort and peace of mind to the patient.

Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch is proud of a team of 100% full-time dentists who graduated from the Department of Odonto-Stomatology at prestigious universities such as Hanoi Medical University, Military Medical Academy, etc. Not stopping there, the team of doctors at Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch continues to conduct advanced and specialized courses in Odonto-Stomatology with the aim of allowing customers to receive the best services and methods of modern dentistry.

4. The difference in quality

To have the success we are today, we are constantly trying, learning, and discovering new things to make a difference only at Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch.

Professional experience and skill of the doctor

For the beauty service industry such as dentistry, customers will feel more secure when they are examined at a dental clinic with a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic doctors to bring about the best results. Along with that is the dedication, understanding and always updating new professional knowledge to apply in treatment, bringing safety and efficiency to customers in all services.

Professional treatment process

The services at Ava Dental Clinic, Hanoi Branch all comply with the requirements of hygiene, technology, and maximum cost savings but always ensure safety and efficiency for patients.

The modern facilities and equipment

Besides the skill factor of the doctor, the facilities and modern equipment at the clinic also contribute to the professionalism of Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch. With a comprehensive “treatment” and “aesthetic” orientation, Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch is always a pioneer in investing in the most modern and advanced equipment.

– The operating room meets quality standards and is licensed by the Ministry of Health.

– Modern equipment with a system of dental chairs and advanced dental equipment.

– CT Scan film room with the 3D Rebuild Smile scanner shows the treatment results in advance and tracks the progress of the restoration accurately. Scanning the entire jaw in just a few minutes, early detection of dental diseases, helping to store 3D records, and at the same time applying the “digitized smile” algorithm to optimize the quick and effective treatment plan.

– The most modern Cone Beam film camera system, has less ray retention, and 15-20 times lower radiation than conventional X-ray and CT scanners. With superior 3D images, it helps to analyze the jaw bone structure accurately. Does not cause pain, does not cause discomfort, and does not keep radiation in the body after the scan like traditional film equipment.

– The sterile process meets the standards of the International Dental Association and the Hanoi Department of Health. All instruments are completely controlled from the risk of HIV infection, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc.

– Each customer is examined and treated with a separate kit, which has been cleaned and sterilized. In addition, all equipment and machinery involved in the treatment are disinfected immediately after use.

Ha Noi clinic space

5. Geographical location

Geographic location is also a factor that Ava Dental Clinic chooses as a strategic target. After establishing the first branch in Ho Chi Minh City, we realized that Hanoi is a city with quite similar characteristics to Ho Chi Minh City, so we decided to open a branch here. Hanoi is a densely populated city, with a relatively high demand for beauty and oral health care. Along with that, the number of tourists settling and traveling in Ha Noi is extremely large. This requires us to open international standard dental clinics here.

Specifically, the location of Ava Dental Clinic, Hanoi Branch is 287 Hoang Van Thai Stress, Khuong Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan Distict, Ha Noi. It is known that this is the central location of the city, which is densely populated with a convenient transportation system (bus system and elevated railway), assisting customers when searching and coming for examination and treatment.

Ava Dental Clinic has always tried to become a reliable dental examination and treatment address for many customers in recent years. We look forward to continuing to accompany them on the journey of taking care of and beautifying their smiles in the future.

Contact Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch on hotline 0346.134.138 or fill out your personal information in the appointment online form to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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