Introduction about Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch


Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch, with the goal of becoming an international dental clinic, besides focusing on developing a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses, also focuses on investing and building facilities infrastructure as well as a system of modern specialized equipment. Therefore, domestic and foreign patients when using our dental services always feel satisfied and secure.

1. The team of leading doctors in Vietnam

As one of the prestigious dental centers in Hai Phong, Ava Dental Clinic always receives the trust of a large number of domestic and foreign customers. With the goal of developing into an international standard cosmetic and dental treatment address, the management team always focuses on building a team of professional doctors.

Good team of doctors

Most of the doctors working at Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch have returned from overseas training and have worked in the field of cosmetic dentistry for a long time. After being trained at prestigious and experienced medical schools, our team of doctors has helped hundreds of patients regain beautiful teeth and bright smiles. 

Professional technical and nursing staff

Effective support for specialists in the process of medical examination and treatment must include skilled technicians and nurses who have many years of experience with in-depth knowledge in the field of dentistry. In particular, Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch regularly create conditions for them to participate in and successfully complete domestic and foreign training courses to improve the quality of patient care before, during, and after treatment.

2. Modern dental facilities

Along with regularly sending doctors abroad to improve their skills, leaders of Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch also promote the signing of contracts to transfer the latest treatment technologies in the world. Thanks to that effort to modernize our facilities, we have provided our patients with the safest and highest quality services.

Clinic Space

State-of-the-art facilities

As a dental address licensed by the Department of Health to operate, Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch is constantly upgrading its facilities to provide patients with the best medical examination and treatment conditions.

Advanced dental equipment

The center focuses on investing in imported equipment to help the examination and treatment process take place faster. The machine system includes a new generation X-ray machine, ultrasound bone cutting machine, 3D facial analysis software, etc. As a result, doctors can easily determine the health status as well as the structure. molars to provide a suitable treatment regimen for each patient.

Absolutely sterile operating room

The operating room is equipped with a smart bacterial filtration system and is equipped with much modern medical equipment to ensure absolute safety for the patient. Besides, the hospital bed is comfortably designed and is always cleaned to bring comfort to the patient.

The spacious and airy waiting room

Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch specially built a cool waiting room for patients with a team of consulting staff on duty 24/24, promptly answering all questions of customers. In addition, we also have customer service to pick up and drop off customers, making it easier for patients to travel.

3. Services at Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch

To serve the needs of all customers, Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch currently has all dental services, specifically:

Dental Implants: a structure that replaces a missing tooth with metal, screw-like post and an artificial tooth called a crown. 

Dental Crown: a restorative procedure that reshapes, resizes, and strengthens teeth that have been broken or worn by decay. 

Dental Veneers: thin layers of material, similar in color to real teeth, designed to cover the front surface of the tooth to create a harmonious and natural smile.

Dental Bone Graft: a method used to increase the amount of bone in a part of the jaw where the bone has been lost or needs extra support. 

Sinus Lift: a procedure used in dental implants when the patient has had bone loss, or not enough bone to support the implant. 

Periosteum Graft: an artificial biofilm extracted mainly from collagen helping to penetrate, anti-inflammatory and heal wounds quickly. 

Dental Implants Procedure Review
Dental Crown Procedure Review
Dental Veneers Procedure Review

4. 10 reasons to choose Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch

– A team of leading doctors in dentistry.

– High-class, modern, and synchronous equipment.

– Provide a full range of dental services.

– Using high-quality porcelain teeth materials imported from France, the USA, and Germany,…

– Long-term warranty policy

– Commitment to painless minimal intervention – Visible effect.

– Strict sterilization process.

– Luxurious space, and high-class facilities for customers to relax.

– Professional and friendly staff.

– Quality support treatment at a reasonable price.

5. Treatment motto

With the motto of providing the best quality dental services, Ava Dental Clinic always learns about advanced treatment methods in the world, in order to bring good quality medical examination and treatment to the community.

We also constantly strive, change and recognize the comments of customers to develop better and better, worthy of the trust and expectations of customers.

Our dental practice is not only aimed at safe and professional medical examination and treatment, but also wants customers to have the opportunity to experience the most friendly and comfortable service.

6. Geographic location

Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch is located on the central street of Hai Phong (No. 392 – 22 Plot of Land, Le Hong Phong, Hai Phong). The location of the clinic here is an opportunity for us to get closer to the cosmetic dental needs of Vietnamese people as well as foreigners living and working here.

Ava Dental Clinic has always tried to become a perfect destiny for many customers in the future. We would like to thank our customers for their love and look forward to continuing to accompany them on the journey of taking care of their smiles in the future.

If you are still wondering whether to choose a dental facility in Hai Phong that is both reputable and safe, Ava Dental Clinic is the best choice for you. Contact us via hotline 0918. 026. 996 or fill out your personal information in the appointment online form to schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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