Ava Dental Clinic at A Glance

Established in 2014 on a small scale, Ava Dental Clinic makes a difference through its friendly, modern clinic space with a strict sterilization process to bring comfort and convenience to customers. Besides, there is the dedicated advice and treatment of a team of doctors with many years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Starting with 1 to 2 dentists in a luxurious space, we always focus on listening, discussing, and providing the most suitable dental treatments.

Our clinic provides customers with advanced Korean, Japanese, German, and American dental technologies.

Carrying the mission of “Researching and applying the most modern dental technologies in caring and improving the oral health of the community” – Ava Dental Clinic has been providing customers the excellent oral care services standard at an affordable cost.

Ava Dental Clinic Certificates

– Professional Advanced Full Mouth Surgery Rehabilitation Training Course of OSSTEM AIC

– Professional Soft Tissue Management Course of OSSTEM AIC

– Professional Advanced Course of AIC on Upper Anterior Esthetic & GBR

– OSSTEM AIC Basic Implant Training Course

– Course of study in Local Anaesthesia for Dental Hygienists

– Course on Maxillary Sinus Lift & Horizontal Bone Augmentation In Implantology

– Sterilization Monitoring Certificate


Ava Dental Clinic Team of Professional Dentists

Ava Dental Clinic gathers a team of leading dentists and specialists in the field of dental, many of whom are graduates from the USA, UK, Germany and other Asia universities. Expertise is just one of the necessary factors of a good doctor.

Ava Dental Clinic focuses more on “The passionate heart of the profession”, always strives to accompany customers throughout the effective treatment processes, and brings the best results for them.

At all Ava Dental Clinic’s branches, we use a specialists referral system where portions of dental works for dental implants, dental crown, and dental veneers are being cared for and treated by well-experienced and skilled dental specialists.

Ava Dental Clinic Technologies

Understanding that technology and machines are particularly important factors in bringing the treatment efficiency as well as increasing customer experience, Ava Dental Clinic always chooses to use medical standard equipment that is imported genuine and licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health.

At Ava Dental Clinic, the technologies used for dental treatment include carl zesis endodontic microscope, itero digital scans and impressions, CAD/CAM aesthetic millings machines, and dental implant surgery equipment. Technologies for sterilization composes of 3M biological and chemical testing indicators and German & European autoclave machines. Diagnostic technologies include 3D CT Scanning, Digital panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray machines.

Ava Dental Clinic Commitment

Ava Dental Clinic is committed to providing customers with the most optimal and economical treatment solutions. Our team will constantly strive, improve expertise and professionalism to bring the best oral health care services to the community. It is hoped that Ava Dental Clinic will quickly become a leading clinic in oral health care and orthodontic prosthetics as well as a perfect destination for everybody.

Ava Dental Clinic System


Ava Dental Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Ava Dental Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City Branch is the dental center having an international-standard dental laboratory built directly in the building, allowing to research and implement of cosmetic dental restorations with cosmetic veneers and crowns. It also treats many full mouth dental implants and All-on-4 implant cases.


Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch

At Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Noi Branch, we apply the most advanced technologies in the all diagnosis and treatments of dental diseases for our customers. Technologies including digital x-ray machine, CAD / CAM, digital scanner, vacuum autoclave to ensure the dental journey be faster, safer, more detailed and more comfortable as well as create trust for customers.


Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch

Ava Dental Clinic, Hai Phong Branch is the center of dental crown and dental veneers in Hai Phong with many different types of crowns and veneers imported from Germany, Korea, Japan,… All dental crown and dental veneers of we are treated by experts graduated from famous medical universities with many years of experience.


Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch

Ava Dental Clinic, Da Nang Branch is the world leader for dental implant technics and dental cosmetics. Our clinic is proud to provide the same level of international standards and services. Besides, our expertises in the field of cosmetic dentistry allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective dental treatments to our customers.


Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch

Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch is a popular center for dental implants, dental crowns and dental veneers. Our dental clinic is certified specializing in cosmetic dentistry with highly qualified dental specialists undergo continual external and internal training to provide the most effective and safe dental treatment services.

Ava Dental Clinic Research and Development

Suppliers of materials for dental implants, dental crown, dental veneers

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