Dental crown cost in Vietnam versus Thailand


Thailand has been certified as a leading country in the field of dentistry in the world. Therefore, the dental crown cost in Thailand is not small. So why don’t you try the dental tourism service in Vietnam?

Thailand is considered one of the pioneering Asian countries in the field of dental tourism. However, in recent times, this tourism industry is gradually becoming popular in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang,…

Ava Dental understands the concerns of customers when learning about dental crown services in Vietnam compared to some countries around Southeast Asia. Not only about the financial issue but also the trust in the professionalism of the team of doctors in this field. This article will compare the dental crown cost in Vietnam compared to Thailand to help you better understand the difference of dental services in these two countries.

1. The dental crown cost in Vietnam versus Thailand

The dental crown cost in Vietnam is much cheaper than this cost in Thailand. The comparison table below is proof of the above statement.

Type of Dental Crown Thailand (USD) Vietnam (USD)
Porcelain fused to titanium crown From 325 From 150
All-porcelain crown 470 – 600 215 – 470
Ceramic Crown 350 – 750 150 – 300
Zirconium Crown 400 – 700 200 – 300

The above table uses the USA as an example. You can see a saving of 50% on the dental crown cost in Vietnam as compared to Thailand.

2. What may cause the dental crown cost gap?

Usually,  the dental crown cost can vary flexibly and are determined based on various factors of the dental clinic such as location, facilities, staff, quality of service, brand, and technology,… During more than 10 years of establishment and development, Ava Dental always updates the price list as our facilities and technology are constantly improved, in order to help customers easily consider when having demand.

As one of the prestigious dentists in Vietnam, Ava Dental is committed to providing the best dental services, including dental crowns. Our clinic has reached international standards and has served a large number of foreigners for more than a decade. Thereby, foreigners can trust our human resources and operations as well as our reputation.

3. Why choose dental crown service in Vietnam?

Consider getting porcelain veneers in Vietnam if the high cost in your home country worries you. Vietnam is one of the famous countries for tourism with poetic landscapes accompanied by dental services. So between dental appointments or during your recovery period, you can explore travel.


The cost of dental treatment or procedures in Vietnam is 3 to 10 times lower than in other countries. For example, dental prices in Vietnam are 50% lower than in Thailand. The dental crown cost in other countries is at least $350 dollars, but this cost in Vietnam is only about $150.

In terms of quality, dentistry in Vietnam has developed strongly in recent years. Therefore, every dental clinic in Vietnam has applied advanced dental equipment and technology such as a dental turbine, 3D printer, CT scan machine,… as well as owns its own dental laboratory, clinical surgery, and sterilization rooms,… All equipment is maintained to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, a team of highly qualified Vietnamese dentists with many years of experience in dental treatment and procedures is a key factor in building trust and patient satisfaction.

Dentistry in Vietnam has attracted a large number of foreign visitors to dental tourism combining destination experience tourism and dental care. Patients can not only visit famous tourist attractions in countries with majestic natural landscapes, rich in historical and cultural values but also receive dental care at the most prestigious dental clinics. In this way, foreigners can both save costs and gain experience on the journey to Vietnam.

According to research, some dental clinics in Vietnam provide quality dental crown services at cheaper prices than in Thailand. Dental clinics in Vietnam serving international tourists have their own dental labs. Therefore, the time to make a crown is extremely fast, helping customers save treatment time.

Besides, Vietnam’s political stability makes it a safe environment to attract tourists from all over the world. In recent years, about 100,000 dental tourists have come here to do various dental work. That’s also why English is understood and spoken fluently by people working in medical and dental tourism. In addition to English and Vietnamese, French is also spoken in Vietnam. This makes the process of examination, surgery and after-care easier.

4. Dental crown cost in Ava Dental

At Ava Dental, the dental crown cost can range from $110 to $480 depending on the porcelain material used to make the crown. As can be seen, the cost of a dental crown at our clinic is much cheaper than the common ground.

Ava Dental provides customers with many different porcelain materials, making it easy for you to choose the type of porcelain you like.

More details about Ava Dental’s dental crown cost compared to Thailand’s cost:

Material Type Ava Dental (USD) Thailand (USD)
Zirconia Crown 130 – 175 400 – 700
Venus Crown 110 – 260 350 – 700
Katana Crown 110 – 130 300 – 500
Ceramic Crown 110 – 300 300 – 600
HT Smile Crown 260 – 400 500 – 800
Cercon Crown 220 – 260 350 – 480
DDBIO Crown 260 – 300 400 – 550
Nacera Crown 350 – 450 500 – 650
Lava Crown 400 – 480 424 – 500

Currently, Ava Dental Clinic has 5 branches in major cities in Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Quang Ninh.

Surely you have partly noticed the difference in the dental crown cost between Vietnam and Thailand. In terms of the dental tourism industry, Vietnam is in second place. However, its potential is unlimited and has gradually been recognized by the world of dentistry. Ava Dental, together with other leading dental centers in Vietnam, can provide the same high-quality services as any leading dental service provider in the world.

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