Introduction about Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch


With continuous development, now Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch was born, accompanied, and developed with 5 branches in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Ha Long, Hai Phong.

With the motto of understanding and sharing, Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch has been constantly improving since its inception because the goal of “customer trust” is the driving force for development. Here, customers can rest assured with the leading modern technology in the world.

Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch is committed to bringing customers maximum satisfaction with high-quality, fast, and affordable services.

1. Diversity of services – Treatment of all dental problems

To be able to support service and treatment for all customers, Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch system expands a variety of services:

Dental Implants: a structure that replaces a missing tooth with metal, screw-like post and an artificial tooth called a crown. 

Dental Crown: a restorative procedure that reshapes, resizes, and strengthens teeth that have been broken or worn by decay. 

Dental Veneers: thin layers of material, similar in color to real teeth, designed to cover the front surface of the tooth to create a harmonious and natural smile.

Dental Bone Graft: a method used to increase the amount of bone in a part of the jaw where the bone has been lost or needs extra support. 

Sinus Lift: a procedure used in dental implants when the patient has had bone loss, or not enough bone to support the implant. 

Periosteum Graft: an artificial biofilm extracted mainly from collagen helping to penetrate, anti-inflammatory, and heal wounds quickly. 

At Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch, all dental services are applied according to international standard procedures, strictly complying with the regulations of medical authorities from examination, consultation, photography, and treatment. As a result, customers’ diseases and problems will be resolved quickly and professionally, creating high satisfaction in service quality.

Dental Implants Procedure Review
Dental Crown Procedure Review
Dental Veneers Procedure Review

2. Equipment modern machinery

At every branch of Ava Dental Clinic, modern specialized equipment is invested and installed, imported from countries with a developed dental background such as the US, Germany, Korea, and Japan.

Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch is fully equipped with modern equipment to serve examination and treatment, ensuring safety and quality for each case from simple to complex. All are the most modern equipment, applying advanced treatment technology in the world to bring the best results to customers.

Some of the machinery and equipment are listed below:

– Modern dental chair system

– Sterile room

– Autoclave instrument sterilization machine

– Ultrasonic teeth scaling machine

– Halogen lamp dries the sealant

– Cone Beam CT scanner in implant placement

– Device for measuring implant stability – Mega IQS

– Thor jaw bone expansion device & BoneEx Kit

– CAD/CAM technology

– 3Shape D700 Scanner

– CAD/CAM cutter : Imes – Icore 350i Pro

3. Professional team of doctors

All the doctors at Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch regularly go to countries with advanced medical backgrounds to improve their skills and provide the best treatment for customers. In addition to focusing on expertise, we also uphold professional ethics, are always dedicated to customers, and always create the most comfortable feeling for customers.

With the criterion that quality is more important than quantity, the doctor’s team of Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch must go through many selection processes with strict criteria before officially serving customers. Our medical team always accumulates knowledge, learns, and approaches new and most advanced cosmetic dentistry technology.

The team of doctors at Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch are not only formally trained in Odonto – Stomatology Dentistry at Vietnam’s leading famous medical schools, but also regularly participate in scientific conferences and professional enhancement courses to constantly update new knowledge and technology, effectively applying it to treatment.

Certificate system

The certificate system of the team of dentists working at Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Long Branch:

– Certificate Prosthodontics, Georgia Regent University, USA

– Certificate in Endodontics, Mahidol University

–  Certificate in Implantology (Periodontics), University of North Carolina, USA

– Certificate in Endodontics, Chulalongkorn University

– Certificate Residency Training Program in Prosthodontics, Prince of Songkhla University

– Certificate in Restorative Dentistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

4. Affordable cost – Prestigious warranty

Ava Dental Clinic is always considered to be able to provide the best service quality while still saving treatment costs for customers. We always have a reputable warranty and are applied throughout the system.

Treatment fees are fixed, standardized, and clearly itemized for patient reference (no hidden VAT or tax surcharges). Dental fees are calculated based on the quality of materials used for treatment. Free dental check-ups and consultation (excludes x-rays, medication, and disinfection; nursing fees and clinic service fees are charged separately).

All commitments on quality and warranty before, during, and after treatment are agreed upon between the doctor and the patient before the surgery takes place, ensuring trust and building credibility for our dentistry.

5. Professional customer care

We respect and love each customer who has trusted and chosen us. When using the service at Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch, right for the first time, customers will enjoy special care, including service consultation, warranty, and free periodic examination. All comments from customers are listened, to and recorded by our customer care team which helped to make Ava Dental Clinic system more and more perfect.

Customer Success

Our biggest desire is to build a strong brand, providing professional and modern services at a cost suitable to the life and income of Vietnamese people. With proven workmanship, prestige, and service quality, Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch is the first choice to solve dental problems. 

6. Geographical location

The location of Ava Dental Clinic, Bac Ninh Branch is 300 Nguyen Quyen, Bo Son Ward, Vo Cuong District, Bac Ninh. It is known that this is the central location of the city, which is densely populated with a convenient transportation system, assisting customers when searching and coming for examination and treatment.

For any comments, questions, or requests for advice, please contact the hotline: 091. 692. 6996 or fill out your personal information in the appointment online form to schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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