Introduction about Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch


Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch is the 5th branch in the Ava Dental system, which provides professional dental services and constantly evolves to solve all dental problems for everyone. The living standard of Quang Ninh people is getting higher and higher, leading to more and more cosmetic dental centers here. If you are still struggling to choose quality, safe cosmetic dentistry at a reasonable price, Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch is a suitable place for you.

With the motto of understanding and sharing, Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch has been constantly improving since its inception because the goal of “customer trust” is the driving force for development. Here, customers can rest assured of the leading modern technology in the world.

1. Dental services at Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch

Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch is committed to carrying out the consultation, examination, treatment and patient care process according to the standards of the International Dental Association. 

– Dental Implants: a structure that replaces a missing tooth with metal, screw-like post and an artificial tooth called a crown. 

– Dental Crowns: a restorative procedure that reshapes, resizes, and strengthens teeth that have been broken or worn by decay. 

– Dental Veneers: thin layers of material, similar in color to natural teeth, designed to cover the front surface of the tooth to create a harmonious and natural smile.

– Dental Bone Graft: a method used to increase the amount of bone in a part of the jaw where the bone has been lost or needs extra support. 

– Sinus Lift: a procedure used in dental implants when the patient has had bone loss, or not enough bone to support the implant. 

– Periosteum Graft: an artificial biofilm extracted mainly from collagen helping to penetrate, anti-inflammatory, and heal wounds quickly. 

At Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch, all dental services are applied according to international standard procedures, strictly complying with the regulations of medical authorities from examination, consultation, photography, and treatment. As a result, customers’ diseases and problems will be resolved quickly and professionally, creating high satisfaction in service quality.

Dental Implants Procedure Review


Dental Crown Procedure Review
Dental Veneers Procedure Review

2. Team of Dentists

All the doctors at Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch regularly go to countries with advanced medical backgrounds to improve their skills and provide the best treatment for customers. In addition to focusing on expertise, we also uphold professional ethics, are always dedicated to customers, and always create the most comfortable feeling for customers.

With the criterion that quality is more important than quantity, the doctor’s team of Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch must go through many selection processes with strict criteria before officially serving customers. Our medical team always accumulates knowledge, learns, and approaches new and advanced cosmetic dentistry technology.

The team of doctors at Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch are not only formally trained in Odonto – Stomatology Dentistry at Vietnam’s leading famous medical schools, but also regularly participate in scientific conferences and professional enhancement courses to constantly update new knowledge and technology, effectively applying it to treatment.

Cosmetology specialty

Dental Crown and Dental Veneers require aesthetic sophistication, knowledge of porcelain materials, meticulousness in each grinding line, etc. With a team of dentists who have many years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, you can rest assured when choosing Ava Dental Clinic.

The specialty of minor surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction, gum aesthetics, implant placement, etc. are all performed by a team of experienced dentists, ensuring the criteria of Gentleness – Safety – Efficiency. We apply the most modern technology available today to bring the best results.

Certificate system

The certificate system of the team of dentists working at Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Long Branch:

– Certificate Prosthodontics, Georgia Regent University, USA

– Certificate in Esthetic and Implant Dentistry, University of Pittsburgh, USA

– Certificate in Implantology (Periodontics), University of North Carolina, USA

– Certificate Residency Training Program in Prosthodontics, Prince of Songkhla University

– Certificate in Restorative Dentistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

Customers who visit Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Long Branch are sent a detailed treatment plan by the dentist so that they know the problem they are having and the treatment method.

3. Modern technology system

The equipment system at Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch meets international quality standards:

– All clinics are thoroughly sterilized with 3 steps of international standard sterilization. All medical examination and treatment instruments are autoclaved, packaged, and sterilized at extremely high temperatures and in a vacuum environment. Disinfectants with the highest sterilization standards of the European Union have been installed here.

– Laser machine system imported from Germany, supports the dentist in the treatment process, does not cause bleeding, does not need a knife, helps the healing process, and tissue regeneration is extremely fast to avoid the risk of infection. during treatment.

– System of implant machines and separate implant room, meeting German standards.

– A full system of cosmetic porcelain teeth from Germany, the USA, Korea, and Japan,… helps the process of a dental crown or dental veneers take place conveniently, minimizing invasiveness and risks such as inflammation of gums, black teeth, bad breath,…

Some of the machinery and equipment are listed below:

– Modern dental chair system

– Sterile room

– Autoclave instrument sterilization machine

– Ultrasonic teeth scaling machine

– Halogen lamp dries the sealant

– Cone Beam CT scanner in implant placement

– Device for measuring implant stability – Mega IQS

– Thor jaw bone expansion device & BoneEx Kit

– CAD/CAM technology

– 3Shape D700 Scanner

– CAD/CAM cutter: Imes – Icore 350i Pro

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4. Reasons to choose Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch to solve dental problems

– Using 100% of medicines and dental equipment imported directly from developed countries for dental services such as Germany, USA, Korea, and Japan,…

– Actively update and apply new techniques and strictly adhere to aseptic stages.

– Is a dental center with a system of modern machinery, equipment, and standard production processes to directly create porcelain teeth with high aesthetic sophistication in a short time, great endurance, and cost savings.

– A team of senior experts with many years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry

– Customers who come to Ava Dental Clinic, Ha Long Branch will receive a free consultation on their oral health status, process analysis, and cost of each solution so that you can make an estimate of the cost for the reasonable treatment fee.

– Complimentary services in the lounge: you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with soothing music, or read newspapers, watch TV, etc. in the cozy and luxurious waiting room.

5. Geographic location

Quang Ninh is known as a beautiful tourist city in Vietnam. With a population of more than 300 thousand people, a high standard of living, and increasing demand for beauty, Quang Ninh is an ideal choice for us to open up to serve dental services. Besides, the rate of foreign tourists coming to Vietnam to settle or travel in Ha Long is quite large due to the bustle but also full of poetic here.

Ava Dental Clinic, Quang Ninh Branch is located on 200 Nguyen Van Cu, Hang Hai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh with an area of ​​​​more than 300 square meters, with a spacious basement and a separate elevator. The clinic’s location here is an opportunity for us to get closer to the cosmetic dental needs of Vietnamese people and foreigners living and working here.

If you are still wondering whether to choose a dental facility in Quang Ninh that is both reputable and safe, Ava Dental Clinic is the best choice for you. Contact us via hotline 0918. 026. 996 or fill out your personal information in the appointment online form to schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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