How much do dental veneers cost in Vietnam 2022?


Are you looking for a dental clinic that provides quality dental veneers but the cost of dental care in your hometown is too high? The cost of dental veneers is not fixed between dental clinics due to the materials used, the technique of porcelain veneers and some other costs. This makes many people wonder when learning dental veneers cost. Read the article below with Ava Dental Clinic to know why Vietnam is the ideal choice for dental veneers abroad.

Why choose Vietnam for dental veneers?

There are many factors that prove the credibility of dental veneers in Vietnam:

– The difference between dental veneers cost in Vietnam compared to other countries is quite large, on average you can save 70 – 80% of the total cost. It can be said that Vietnam provides cheap dental veneers service, which is a better alternative for your dental trip.

– Although the cost for dental veneers procedures is relatively low in Vietnam, you can completely trust the quality of service here. Reality proves that dental degrees and certificates meet international quality standards and customer success stories.

– The dental staff in Vietnam are highly qualified and experienced. They graduated from national and international medical universities. Besides, there is the will to constantly learn and develop to give customers the best dental experience and services. 

English is an advantage of the team of dentists in Vietnam as they have lived and studied abroad for many years and directly treated many foreign guests. Therefore, you will not face any communication problems.

– In addition to a team of experienced dentists, another factor that creates the success of dental services in Vietnam is the system of modern technology and machinery, which helps all dental veneers procedures to take place safely and effectively. Almost every dental clinic in Vietnam is equipped with machines imported from the US, Germany, Canada, and Korea.

– Vietnam is an emerging dental tourism destination so the associate clinics have experience in dealing with foreign patients.

– Regarding the issue of moving and staying, you are completely assured when the two central cities in Vietnam, where famous dental clinics are gathered, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, both have international airports. package dental care services (including travel services, dental services as well as accommodation services at affiliated hotels).

Dental veneers cost in Vietnam

In general, Vietnam is a popular choice among people looking to get cheap dental veneers services abroad. Vietnam dental veneers cost one-third of that in the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Dental veneers cost in Vietnam

Dental veneers are used when damage to the tooth surface or dentine (the surface underneath the enamel) makes it impossible to have a white smile. Usually, veneers are composed of composite or porcelain, so dental veneers cost will vary depending on the material, the difficulty of your individual case as well as the number of veneers required to apply.

On average, dental veneers cost $1,300 in the United States, $1,500 in Australia, and $1,200 in New Zealand. On the contrary, you pay only $350 in Vietnam for a single dental veneer. Therefore, you can save up to 70% – 80% when having your veneer done in Vietnam rather than in USA, Australia, or New Zealand.

Dental veneers cost in Ava Dental Clinic

The dental veneers cost varies depending on the type of materials and equipment used, the treatment requirements, the duration of the treatment, and the dentist and clinic you choose. Before making a decision on dental veneers, be sure to learn about the quality of different dental clinics and find a team of experienced dentists.

Ava Dental Clinic provides customers with many different materials for dental veneers, making it easy for you to choose the type of veneer you want.

Check out the table below for dental veneers cost in Ava Dental Clinic:

Material Type Price in VND Price in USD
Bio Diamond Veneers 10,000,000 432
Katana Veneers 3,500,000 151
Zirconia Veneers 4,500,000 195
Ceramic Veneers 8,000,000 346
Emax Veneers 10,000,000 432

Currently, Ava Dental Clinic has 5 branches in major cities in Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Quang Ninh.

Why choose Ava Dental Clinic for dental veneers

Compared to other dental clinics, Ava Dental Clinic makes a difference and rises to become the first choice for both domestic and international customers.

– The location of the clinic is carefully considered, located in the central areas of big cities, making it convenient for customers to search and travel.

– The veneers in our clinic are imported from famous porcelain manufacturers such as Korea, Japan, and Germany, … and are adjusted and measured accurately with the mouth shape and tooth size of the patient’s natural teeth at a special laboratory, helping the patient have a beautiful new set of natural teeth.

– The dental veneers cost at all branches of our system is fixed, regardless of domestic or international guests, so you can rest assured about the treatment here.

– Our clinic is led by a team of dentists who are not only professional and skilled but also have a high sense of responsibility and dedication to patients. After successfully graduating from the top famous medical universities in Vietnam, they have studied in many countries such as Australia, Germany, USA, and Singapore,… to improve their professional techniques and treatment methods, from which to choose the best and most suitable methods and apply to our dental clinic.

– An international-quality sterilization system is applied to the entire clinic space, ensuring the safety of all treatment procedures for customers.

– We own the 3D Rebuild smile technology system – Innovative tooth design and reconstruction software that allows you to preview your appearance after treatment. It supports the clinical assessment of dental patients, treatment planning, and the prognostic assessment of oral diseases.

– Other equipment such as digital X-ray machine, CAD/CAM, digital scanner, vacuum autoclave,… is imported completely from Germany and the US to serve the sterile process against cross-contamination and procedures of disease isolation adhering to high-class hospital standards.

Dental veneers procedure review

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